Saturday, December 4, 2010


a) The purpose of this photo was to capture my grandpa with his sisters on his birthday because it was so long since they had all been together.
b)My relationship with them is that I am their granddaughter and great-granddaughter.
c)It is intending for the viewing of family members.
a)The purpose is to have a picture of me in our album of our annual trip to hawaii this last summer and was basically taken for fun.
b)I am the subject obviously and the photographer is my younger sister Malia.
c)It is just intended for family and friends for whenever they feel like.
a)The purpose was to get a picture with a person dressed in a bush costume while at an amusement park.
b)The relationship between the subject and the photographer are is that they are daughter and father.
c)It is intended for fun so they can look back on their family trip album and see their daughter standing next to a person in a bush costume forever.

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